📈How to create a practice lesson

Creating a practice lesson and adding videos/notes for your coach to review.

  1. Click into My Tennis/My Golf and go to your library.

  1. Select the Practice lesson + button.

  1. Create a title and notes for the lesson. For example if you are working on your serve, you can write notes about what specifically you were practicing. Click Create.

  1. This will now appear in your library.

  1. Click on the lesson and add in any photos, videos or notes.

  1. If you wish your coach to view a video from your practice click on your upcoming lesson with your coach and choose the section on the lesson page called client uploads. Then load the image, video, note or PDF you wish your coach to see. Your coach can now view your uploads before the lesson. It will stay in this lesson along with what ever your coach subsequently adds.

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