🔎How to find a lesson

Note: To maximize TotalCoach Athlete's search functionality, we recommend tagging lessons with at least two categories and then carefully naming your lessons.

Also, when you choose to subscribe, you will enjoy the convenience of having access to your lesson videos whenever you practice or play - without the cost of in-person lessons.

There are three ways to find a lesson:

Lesson tab

  • Tap the Upcoming, Canceled or All tabs to display the type of lessons you'd like to find.

  • Tick a category to refine your search.

  • Type a keyword into the search bar to further refine your search eg. Wet day, Spin.

Activity feed

2. To find an upcoming lesson the Activity Feed can be found on the Home page. The Activity Feed displays Upcoming lessons and Events, in date order, the soonest listed first.

  • Swipe left on the lessons in the Activity Feed to find more upcoming lessons.

  • Tap on the lesson that you'd like to view, this will open the lesson page.

Lesson Map feature

3. The Lesson Map feature can be found on your Home page and is a great way to review your past lessons by category. There are 16 categories eg in golf they are Putt, Chip, Pitch, Approach, Fairway, Tee Shot, Course Management, Physical, Mental, and Others which the coach can use for other options of their choice.

  • Tap the number on the part of the lesson map that you are interested in, this will take you to the lesson pages of that selection. Past lessons tagged with the corresponding category will also be shown.

  • Type a keyword into the search bar to refine your search.

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