Your lesson Page

In this section you will learn how to access and utilize the lesson content provided by your coach.

To access your lessons, refer to the article How to find a lesson.

The lesson page is divided up into five main categories. The first three sections are as follows:

  1. Reason for Lesson - Here you will find content from your coach that demonstrates what your current lesson is about.

  2. The Solution - In this section, your coach will include videos to guide you on how to improve a specific aspect of your game.

  3. Form the Habit - Your coach will upload instructional content demonstrating the correct core movement or discipline from the lesson.

  4. Client Uploads - You can upload files or text notes to share with your coach or other participants if you join a group lesson.

  5. Exercises - Your coach may send you expert skills videos for you to reference and practice, which can help improve your sporting abilities.

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