📋How to rename and categorize lessons and review them easily in the future

Note: When you book a lesson it will be called 'Lesson' by default. We recommend you (or your coach) rename the lesson because this will enhance the future learning value from every lesson using the Search functionality built into the TotalCoach Athlete app.

2. Next to the lesson title tap Edit.

3. Tap on the Title field. Write a title that will further describe the category that you have selected for review in the future. Be as descriptive as possible. For example, if you are a golfer and the category you chose for a lesson is Pitch, the title describes the type of pitch eg. 'bunker with a high lip'. On the other hand, if you are a tennis play choose forehand and add a description such as 'sliced ground stroke'.

4. We recommend you select one or two categories. Although, you can select as many categories as you like.

5. Tap Update to save your choice.

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