TotalCoach is your all-in-one coaching platform for all your coaching tasks and communications. Perfectly synchronised between coach and athlete.

With the starter plan, coaches can enjoy the following key features along with 2 staff accounts for the price of one.

  1. Client Management:

    1. Group clients by one or more categories.

    2. Target client categories with tailored services.

    3. Easily access the clientโ€™s lesson history and notes.

    4. Store detailed client information, past sporting history, injuries and learning style.

    5. Manage training schedules for athletes.

    6. Manage tournament programmes for junior players.

  2. Lesson Management:

    1. Record every lesson on a new lesson template.

    2. Plan each lesson by adding notes, categories and pre-set exercises from your library.

    3. Add content in real-time during each lesson.

    4. The lesson page syncs with your clients via the athlete app.

    5. Categorize each lesson for review in the future via the Lesson Map.

  3. Modular scheduling system:

    1. Access โ€“ public or signed-in clients only.

    2. Invites - individual clients or client categories.

    3. Timing - set start times for your services, or accept bookings during your available working hours.

    4. Recurring - once or multiple times.

    5. Participants โ€“ offered packages, group or individual lessons.

    6. Locations, Staff and Resources.

  4. Public booking page:

    1. Setup your and your staff's working hours and services across multiple locations and/or workspaces.

    2. Your services can be made public on your special booking page.

    3. Send email lesson or event invitations to your categorized clients directly via the app.

  5. UView video analysis:

    1. UView is a complete video analysis tool, embedded within TotalCoach.

    2. Your clients can play back their lesson videos via the complimentary athlete app.

  6. Library

    1. Build a valuable database of learning resources.

    2. Support your team of coaches with ready-to-share content.

    3. Upload a variety of file types such as videos, images and documents.

    4. Categorize your content library with tags.

  7. Payment

    1. Receive payments via stripe.

    2. Automatic invoicing.

    3. Track earnings over time.

These TotalCoach features are available to organizations with multiple staff and/or locations and include everything freelance coaches receive, plus:

  1. Create multiple workspaces.

  2. Resource management.

  3. Offer lessons across multiple locations.

  4. View all staff calendars across multiple locations - set work hours, schedule paid and unpaid time.

  5. Setup staff roles and permission.

  6. Track payments.