👥Add new client categories

Create client categories to customise your service. Categories can be used to send out emails or lesson invitations to specific client groups.

Use the client categories to invite multiple clients to book your services. For example: create a "Juniors" category and tag all of your juniors to invite them to a holiday program or create a "Private" category and invite all of your one-on-one clients to book their private lessons.

  1. Go to the Settings cog and click on Client categories.

  2. Click on the green + Add category button.

  3. Input your Category name and Choose a colour for this category. Here you can also select Clients to be allocated to this client category. Then click Save.

  4. You can search your client list by filtering client categories.

  5. When adding a lesson, you can search and filter by client category and invite all the categories or just the client(s) you want for this lesson. If you tick 2 categories, it will filter and provide the clients who match both categories.

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