📚Add basic and advanced services

Add services that can be booked online during your available working hours, or use the advanced flow to create customised services where you can invite specific clients and set times.

  1. Select the Add service quick link in the side bar to add a new service.

  1. Select your Service type from the pre-made options or enter a new service type.

  1. Create a Service name for your service. For example, Private Lesson or Junior Groups.

  1. Enter in the Maximum number of participants for your service.

  1. Set the Duration of the service you are providing.

  1. Enter the Price per lesson/per person.

  1. If you have selected a package, programme or event as your service type you will then need to set the amount of Occurrences. You can then edit the occurrences under the Advanced section. If you have selected Lesson as your Service type you can skip this step.

  1. Choose a Colour and an Icon for your service to help you recognize it in the Calendar.

  1. Select the Staff member(s) that clients can choose from to perform this service or allocate a staff member to a specific service.

  1. Select the Location where your selected staff will provide the service.

  1. Select your Tax rate from your premade rates in Settings or select No tax.

  1. Select the Resources you will need to carry out this service.

  1. Decide from the options on how you would like to structure your service by selecting yes/no. This will help with your administration of the service and how easily you can view them in your calendar and online.

  1. Advanced – Select yes to setting start time for this service if you want to reserve the staff exclusively for this service, or, select no for this service to be bookable during the staff members available working hours.

  1. Advanced – Invite clients for this service.

  1. Click Create service to finalize your service.

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