Using the UView Video analysis tool

UVIEW allows coaches and players to retrospectively view key moments of a lesson recorded by the coach.

  • To commence a recording, simply click the + sign within the content tile under any one of the three lesson sections and select Record Video.

  • In the same menu selector, you can upload a file or a PDF document or send a note to your client.

  • The default video frame rate is set at 30 FPS. Tap the red record button to commence recording a video. To record using a different frame rate, select your preferred option by tapping either HDR (4K), 60FPS or Slow Mo (240 FPS).

  • Once you have finished recording a video, tap the upload button to save the video to the lesson. Note: all videos are simultaneously saved to the device's Photo Library.

  • UVIEW's flywheel tool allows for simple, fluid, and precise video scrubbing.

  • Slow-motion playback or moving the flywheel to a specific point within the video will help you identify and review the client's actions.

  • The best frame-by-frame playback will be achieved using slow-motion.

  • For optimal results, it is advisable to limit the duration of slow-motion videos to 30 seconds or less.

  • Easily annotate your video with the UVIEW drawing tools. Use freehand lines, freehand arrows, straight lines, circles, and squares to amplify your client's learning experience.

  • You can easily compare or combine videos to view them side-by-side. This will help your clients see how they are progressing as they improve over time. You can sync videos with separate controls.

    To combine UVIEW videos click the '+' sign within the content tile under any one of the three lesson sections and then tap Compare/Combine videos.

  • Select the videos you want to Compare/Combine from the device Photo Library, then tap 'Add'. You can now replay both videos simultaneously or individually using the progress bar or scroll wheel.