📆Using your calendar

The Calendar is the core part of the TotalCoach application and is where you'll spend much of your time. This guide steps you through how to use the calendar to your manage your business.

From your Calendar you can:

  1. View your upcoming Lessons, Events and Busy times.

  2. Change the view to display the current Day or Week.

  3. Use the green + button to Add new lesson or Add busy time.

  1. In addition, you can activate the Add new lesson or Add busy time pop-up by long pressing on a calendar date and time where there is free time available.

  2. View, Cancel or Edit lessons by simply tapping the lesson entry in the calendar.

  3. The colour bar will change from orange to green if your client accepts the booking invitation. If it stays orange they have not yet accepted the invitation.

  4. The Lesson tile in your calendar will show you how many participants have accepted the invitation. By clicking on the lesson tile you will see a pop-up indicating which of the clients have accepted.

  5. Next to the client details on your daily calendar, it will state how many lessons of the pack have been used.

  6. The TotalCoach Credit dollars will show when clients have available credits to book a lesson with.