💰Setting up payments

TotalCoach requires a Stripe account to accept online payments. A guide to setting one up is provided in this article.

Note: Booking fees are added to lesson prices for payments made via the app. Each transaction is charged a 2.2% platform fee plus Stripe fees. For example, if the lesson price is $100 and the client pays via the app, they will be charged $105.34. The $100 lesson price will be paid to you.

  1. Go to Step 7 in the Workspace configurator to accept online payments or tap the $ symbol on the sidebar to access the Payments page. Next, tap the Connect Stripe button to open a unique URL beginning with https://connect.stripe.com/setup...

  1. Follow Stripe's process to create a connected account.

  1. Once you have completed the steps required to connect Stripe, you will be taken back to TotalCoach. Note: you will not be connected immediately, your account status will be pending until a Stripe agent has connected you.

  1. Once your Stripe account is active, you will be able to view and manage all of your payments and transactions, including downloading invoices via https://dashboard.stripe.com/invoices