Advanced service: create advanced services packages, programmes, events or a customised service

You can invite your client(s), to book a series of advanced services with pre-set start times and/or post it to your public booking page.


  1. Select the Add new service icon from the quick link sidebar.

  2. Choose Programme under Service type drop-down.

  3. Complete the required fields and then select Advanced. Here you can invite clients and/or set the start times for this service.

  4. If you would like to set the start time you will be asked to fill in the details of when and how often the service will occur.

  5. As you scroll down you will be able to view all of the scheduled days and times for the entire package.

  6. Clients must pay for all occurrences at once is defaulted to Yes.

  7. Choose Yes or No for the remaining steps.

  8. Finally, tap Create service.

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