✏️Edit and cancel lessons

Learn how to edit and cancel your upcoming lessons.

There are multiple ways you can edit and/or cancel your lessons:

  1. Select the lesson in your calendar.

  1. This will bring up options for you to edit, view and cancel the lesson.

  1. You can also do this in the lessons section by clicking on the edit icon.

  1. Here you can edit the lesson date and time.

  1. You can also edit the participants of the lesson in the Participants manager.

  1. If you wish to cancel the lesson, you can do this in the calendar, the lesson or using the quick cancel button.

  1. The last quick link gives you a quick option to cancel the days lessons. This could be in case of an emergency closure or weather. Email messages will automatically go to all booked clients advising of the emergency closure and the TotalCoach credit dollars to the value of that lesson will be reimbursed. The clients will also be given the option to rebook.

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