๐Ÿ“˜Adding lessons

Invite clients to book your pre-existing services here.

  1. Click the green + quick link in the sidebar, or press and hold on a time slot on the calendar to open the Add lesson feature.

  1. Select the coach you want for this lesson.

  1. Select or invite your client by tapping the down arrow and selecting the client's tick box followed by the green Done button.

  1. Select a location for the lesson and choose a service. You can only choose one location and one service per lesson.

  1. Accept the date and time for your lesson.

  1. Send an invitation to your selected client so they can view and pay for their lesson.

  1. Click the green Save button at the bottom.

  2. The lesson will then be viewable and editable in the calendar.

  1. You can then add content, notes, and exercises into the lesson for your client.

If a service with a pre-set start time is selected:

  • Times/dates for all repeats are listed.

  • If not all lessons are paid for at once, then the coach can select individual lessons for the client(s) by ticking the checkboxes.

If all lessons are paid for at once, then the coach can only select the entire package, not individual dates, for the client(s).

If a service without a pre-set start time is selected:

  • The date is auto-filled from the press and hold on the calendar or if from the + button then auto-filled from the current date is selected.

  • All available, future time slots for that day are displayed.

  • These available time slots match the coach's calendar:

If a prepaid service without pre-set start times is selected.

  • The coach must invite the client to pay for the package before they can book the client into lessons, or if the service is public, the client can book the service from the coach's booking page.

  • Once purchased, both the client and the coach can use the "lessons remaining" credit to book the client into lessons.


Add lesson modal services are filtered by:

  • โ€œUse this service to add lessons to your calendar = Yesโ€.

  • Coach - is autoselected from the current calendar selection - but can be edited via the drop-down.

  • Location - one must be selected from the list of tiles by swiping left.

  • Service type - all are selected by default, one or more can be selected, which will mean only the service types with ticked boxes will show.

  • Availability - works in the same way as the client portal - time slots will only show when the service has not yet reached itโ€™s max participants, during work hours (only if there is no set start time(s), and if there are no other services, lessons or events blocking time.

  • Invite a client - all public services will be displayed, plus any prepaid services that the client has paid for.

  • Time slot availability is based on:

  • Services that are fully booked are orange.

  • Services that are in the past are not displayed.

  • The price displayed is per person, per lesson.

  • Prepaid lessons occur when the client has paid for the number of lessons at once and then they can choose the dates.

  • Prepaid lesson services will NOT be displayed until the client is selected AND that client has paid, then the service name and the number of remaining lessons will be displayed.

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