Advanced service: create a package of pre-paid lessons the client can book at their convenience

Once paid, clients can choose their own start times. You can invite your client(s) and/or publish this service to your public booking page and/or book the client from your calendar

Package Prepaid:

Note: Clients can only book unfilled slots during your available working hours.

  1. To create this Package prepaid service.

  2. Open the Add new service modal.

  3. Select Service Type: Package.

  1. Enter the Service name, Maximum number of participants, and Price per lesson/person. Then select Staff, Choose icon, Location, Tax rate and any applicable Resources.

  2. Select Occurrences.

  1. Select Advanced.

  2. From Advanced selection options, select "Client must pay all occurrences at once" Yes. The system is set with this as the default position.

  3. Select Publish to public booking webpage to Yes or No. If you select Yes the clients and the public will be able to book this service from your online booking page. If No the Service will not show on your public booking webpage but you as a coach can use this option when selecting the Service holding down the date on the calendar you wish this service to occur on. See Adding lessons from your calendar ( NB: the option show on my calendar must also be selected to Yes in the Advanced selection for this to be made available. )

  1. Choose Advanced, then select 'No' for Do you want to set the start times(s) for this service? Your client is able to choose a date or time when purchasing a Package without a set start time. This service is available only during your working hours and only those times that are available.

  1. Complete the remaining sections and then tap Create service. If you Invite clients to your new service, they will receive an email inviting them to book. If you selected Published this service to your public website, then all visitors to your booking page can view and purchase this service.

  2. Your client can select a date and time for the purchased Packaged service by following these simple steps:

    1. Going to your booking website.

    2. Selecting the location or coach where the service is available.

    3. The Purchased service will be highlighted at the top of the Select Service section. It is now possible for your clients to select their pre-purchased package service on any date and time convenient for them.

    4. The Lessons Remaining total in the Purchased Services section will help your client keep track of the number of lessons booked.

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