👓Categorizing lessons

This helps with lesson map function and search through filters to find specific lessons in the future.


There are 20 categories available for you to file lessons under. For golf, you will find categories such as putt, chip, approach, etc. In Tennis, the categories are: serve, forehand, volley, etc. The athlete can also add additional categories to their lesson via their TotalCoach Athlete app.

Your athlete can also choose to add category(ies) to their lesson when adding it to their Favourites.

When lessons are categorised, the lesson map shows how many lessons are assigned to that category which can help ensure that all aspects of the sport are covered in your lessons.

Your library of exercises is also categorised in the same way, making it easy for you to locate exercises to add to a lesson. The client's library, within TotalCoach Athlete, will then contain these exercises under the same categories.

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